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tv   Headline News  RT  June 9, 2013 8:00am-8:46am EDT

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tea anytime anywhere. fires cries and tear gas smell another night of violence in the turkish capital with protesters blaming heavy handed police and it eludes prime minister. as private bradley manning strong opens prosecutors portray him as notoriously and treacherous is the fans insist exposing alleged u.s. war atrocities meant he simply wanted to make the world a better place. journalist brace for washington's latest manhunt this for the informant who exposed the young parallelled surveillance network that spying on the lives of hundreds of millions in america alone. and keep your tweets british police urged twitter users to tell it down after
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a series of arrests for abuse of online messages. this is r.t. coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program now we start in turkey where protesters and police clashed and running battles for a ninth night here a gas and water cannons were gann deployed tens of thousands of demonstrators defying a call by the prime minister a for an immediate and to the unrest all the capital ankara witnessed and especially harsh crackdown with squads of riot police hummingbird tester's down alleyways after breaking apart the main rally crowds of sow's and also demonstrated in the stamboul was a record number is now being reported campaigners nationwide refused to back down from their demand. the prime minister and i want to quit accusing him of being
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authoritarian attempting to islamicize the government our history to go sco has been following a week of turmoil and reports from a stamboul. government i felt that i was hit so i put my hand on the got to get away and there was blood gushing down my hands everywhere i saw my friends in dostum to get me out of that so he put me in a taxi i don't remember what happened next because i passed out i woke up in hospital where i stayed for the next day and photojournalist duckman cheek was there when a peaceful protest spiraled into knoll out standoff between the police and protesters in taksim square more than forty seven hundred people are said to have been injured during clashes with police over the past week with amnesty international calling for an investigation into how the turkish police handled the protest rallies spread to squares and parks all over the country by then the message was no longer just about the trains. i will go on to have they change their
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plans about the park and give us our freedoms. earlier i think that. the prime minister knew exactly who he wanted to blame for the ever growing protest movement there is a problem called twitter right now and you can find every kind of lived there the thing that is called social media is the biggest trouble for society right now according to the thousands and give the park are leaders of alcoholics being spurred on by foreign spies who infiltrated crowds of demonstrators to spread dissent among the turks reportedly fifteen foreigners were arrested for their alleged role in the protests. i know what he's thinking when he says what he does he wants to show that he's still got power to those who support him but he doesn't know what to do with the protest as large as they were for the first couple of days the demonstrations went ignored by the turkish media yeah. from c.n.n. international the old protect you get the polies the people and then you take.
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those there was a pain in the commentary so it's. actually it's the pressure of the prime minister that is reflected on the media and we think it's unfair other channels international channels sharing this information and we have to find out about it on the international tendrils it's unfair to the people at this point the protests are so huge they're impossible to ignore pretty much just like the barricades that people continue to build a lot over the city to keep the police out and gets everyone insists that the destruction of the park will continue to go on as planned and that leaves one to wonder what exactly is in the future for the turkish prime minister with his seeming disregard to the opinion of hundreds of thousands of people in istanbul. r t now that he has been among those demanding a probe and to the use of excessive force to crush the anti-air don't want demonstrations the prime minister rebuked that saying the protesters will be
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treated much more harshly and a european stay video. images have emerged on the internet through that week showing riot police firing tear gas using pepper spray and beating campaigners but also reported that turkey bought six hundred and twenty eight tons of crowd control munitions and just over a decade mostly imported from america increasing its stocks fifty fold now it's cost turkish taxpayers around twenty one a million dollars r.t. spoke to one man who felt the full force of the heavy policing. as a protest sir i am one of the most that has been exposed by did cheer gas and water cannon it reduced my weakness and caused crying and sneezing and a c s i how to estimate during that event i had multiple severe asthma attacks and i can say that the main provoker police and government they want to create fear and anxiety
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ordination they cannot scare us we are the people we are to the nation we are turkish we are turkey they cannot change that they know that and this is what i mean i love to explain that this is a peaceful event we do not do any harm to anyone or anything. but however. such as government the police officer holds us and shows us that we heard every word without any reason that's we cannot accept that. the government is refusing to back down from its city park redevelopment which initially caused the public outrage turkish affairs experts there oddly are believes that are the ones inability to listen to his own people is the main reason the protest is still ongoing. and stumbled the first day of the protests had only twenty people in taksim and it's a day for a split personality and the next day deter the people became three hundred people and the next state was treated and now there are tens of thousands of people
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protesting so the best course of action probably would be for the government to step back and look what did demands of the protesters are and act accordingly but i'm afraid there are no signs that they are drawing government real taking a side step the brother issue that protesters are bringing up and this is again it was brewing for the last three years is the increasing water italians and top down management of his government that he seem to have at least makes decisions made effect to live so i mean you saw people in this country and he thinks that the georgia rule means that the majority becomes the teacher of the country now on our website we have more on how the anger against the government has been progressing across turkey at r.t. dot com you also find images and photos from our work crew and a sample which is closely following breast so browse their food rich and in the vision section r.t. dot com.
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betraying his nation that's one of the accusations bradley manning was hit with during his trial this week manning who leaked secret documents revealing the u.s. army could be responsible for hundreds if not thousands of civilian deaths during the iraq and afghan campaigns faces nearly two dozen charges and possibly life in prison but the video you're watching right now supposedly shows an american helicopter crew hitting a ground of civilians in baghdad including reuters news staff are just marine aboard has more on america's apparent fondness for secrecy over transparency. the military court martial against private first class bradley manning begins at a complicated time for the obama administration u.s. journalists have been spied on an unprecedented number of whistleblowers have been imprisoned and access to the truth many say grows increasingly harder by the day we
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have a severe problem with transparency and secrecy in this country that's for sure our problem is a cult of secrecy extreme levels of dystopian secrecy washington classified ninety two million documents in the year two thousand and eleven that's the last count we have to put things in perspective what bradley manning leaked is less than one percent of that manning pleaded guilty to ten of the twenty two charges he faces the twenty five year old said he wanted the public to know how the u.s. military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan had little regard for human life it should be clear do anybody paying attention to bradley manning. thought of himself at the times in whistleblower that he did what he did because he thought he was making the world a better place he's no way to tame american has never expressed anti-american sentiments in any way in fact he's always said that he is and was driven by a sort of sense of patriotism and prosecutors however are pursuing
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a court martial on the remaining charges including the espionage act and aiding the enemy which carries a life sentence in prison in an interview with democracy now julian assange addressed washington's allegations that manning aided the enemy by going to wiki leaks if that president is allowed to be directed their interest things closely. it means it's a potential death penalty for any person who really treats preaching to a journalist about a sensitive and other secondly it also the orioles' of the journalist and the publication train of communication they would say to the enemy and therefore making him susceptible as well to be espionage act which also has capital offenses and that is why it was the. us that let a positive part of the us attack. including myself broadly we hope this letter
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finds you healthy and strong daniel ellsberg known as the original whistleblower who leaked seven thousand government documents to the press in one thousand nine hundred ninety one revealing the truth about the vietnam war more than the war decades later he says the us government is going to even greater lengths to keep the public in the dark call it a war on truth telling truth telling specifically about truth the government doesn't want. truth about government crimes or laws that the public needs to know. if military prosecutors successfully prove that whistleblowing is aiding the enemy then bradley manning could spend the rest of his life in prison a verdict handed down under president obama is to usher in an era of transparency when he stepped into the white house reporting from new york marine
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upward not r.t.d. . served with britain's asio us and he also believes that aiding terrorists was never among manning's goals. manning had access to a huge amount of information as did thousands of other employees of the united states government he saw that information within the information actions and activity there were illegal and immoral and he thought he should do something about that he was the only one to take action on that he thought that if other people could see what was really going on in iraq in afghanistan something would happen but were involved in iraq the actions were involved in were in effect illegal and i decided as a matter of conscience i can continue to do that this is a guy who's joined the military to do the right thing and then realized that actually the actions of that military are immoral irrational and illegal and he's decided to do something about it. now u.s. spy chiefs are now hunting for another whistleblower the one who leaked the existence of the mag
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a surveillance network that's unparalleled in scope details of a seven year old chrism system of slowly emerged and have evoked outrage at home and abroad phone call records internet browsing history and even that credit card transactions of almost all of the u.s. population is reportedly being tracked and logged in real time it's suspected that hundreds of millions of others worldwide are also having their information intercepted by washington president obama's adamant saying privacy should be sacrificed in return for security but a lot lecture a doctor a bin i can't mark says he finds it strange how some of the shells have gone about defending the surveillance network. the very curious remarks that have been made by some of the senators one of them a senator chambliss for example is that no one has made a complaint about what is being done but obviously people have not made complaints because they've absolutely no idea that the material that they're putting forth
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through servers through social media for example i actually being tapped into by the analysts say the national security agency and the officials of the administration claimed that quite different from the bush administration but what george bush jr did was essentially a case of warrantless surveillance so there was no warrant it was subpoenaed and stake in on mass and then what the obama administration has done is taken a defectively to another level for example using such acts as the protect america act two thousand and seven and the fisa amendments act two thousand nates we're talking about extensive surveillance. now across the atlantic details of the surveillance now cause shock with officials demanding clarity over what they call the monstrous allegations of total monitoring brussels has long been suspicious of american internet giants which were believed to be too flippant with regards to privacy and some governments have even called for a boycott of some corporations and britain's also been implicated with sources
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saying its intelligence services had direct access to prism a sad that human rights law or. sees as dangerous and a warning to people around the world. i would say you know wake up call for all europeans and everybody living in other countries as long as we're using u.s. based company we are not. on the contrary we have to assume that we are under surveillance and not because we are suspects not because we are going to think just because the us is running a war on terror because we talk about surveillance of oh well internet communication like e-mails like we share information we exchange our life it's a lot of information about me there's of people and the possibility of progress on that that was the believe guessing our next move of controlling our behavior is huge it's really they did or will describe to him he's books and we have to be
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aware of this risks more than ever. after the latest u.s. drone strike killed seven in pakistan. washington's still silent about who exactly was targeted in a few minutes we look out the collateral damage and meet some of the civilians caught up in what's supposed to be a war on terror. find and tomorrow with the panel the four two british soldiers who abuse civilians in afghanistan were born and why the punishment could deepen the stigma against the k military in the country. and another obstacle in the path of closing guantanamo bay congress votes to make it more difficult to release prisoners even as more than one hundred inmates continue to starve themselves over their indefinite detention or that just ahead here in our town.
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she did laboratory jim mccurry was able to build a new age most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about human to embrace this is why you should care only on the algae dog. i would rather i asked questions for people positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can find life so larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. welcome
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back you're watching our t. live from moscow pakistan's newly sworn in prime minister has a double is calling u.s. drone strikes to stop following friday's attack that killed seven people in the tribal region of was a restart no washer we've summoned the american ambassador over the attack saying such breaches of sovereignty are on acceptable all the way to strike it adds a worrying tell you of america's drone war in pakistan almost nine hundred civilians have died in the attacks which supposedly only target terrorists of those almost two hundred are reportedly children the number of strikes has risen sharply during barack obama's presidency six times more than under his predecessor well arty's lucic up enough looks at who exactly is getting caught in the line of fire.
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the locals call it death in the skies in pakistan's northwest tribal region an american drone as seen from the ground it's become the weapon of choice in the u.s. war on terror and this is the damage it can wreak under president obama more than three hundred such strikes in pakistani soil against alleged al qaeda and taliban suspects. but ordinary civilians also pay a price this man is one of them i mean it was on his way to work at a mine you're his village when a drone struck the area he lost his leg in the attack three other miners who were with them lost their lives we live in constant fear of another strike we are simple villagers who are stuck in a war that we didn't ask for it's a hopeless feeling what should be death is above our heads all the time. although the attack took place three years ago i mean the law says the pain is still severe
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the sight of his injuries upsets his four children meanwhile depression anxiety and lingering fear have pushed him to take up tranquilizer pills and that if i did it in the name arrogance should be able to tell an ordinary person from a taliban leader what they should know who they're killing of what did we do to deserve this. this is in my. own arctic it's a question echoed by now darren who lost part of his hearing short term memory and nearly his foot when. the drone shockwave was so intense that it threw us i saw it far from the place where we were sleeping after several minutes there was another strike and it killed many more people attorneys out of bar has sued both the u.s. and pakistan on behalf of the civilian victims he says there are the voiceless people have gone isolated by geography and politics simply call it a concentration camp that you have built a wall of. military and militants and behind that wall you keeping more than eight hundred thousand people who are not allowed to come out and no one from the
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rest of the country is allowed to go in and that's a kind of tree which u.s. is using to use and test its drone program in many ways the epicenter of the cia's highly classified drone program is a black hole on the map a region of pakistan off limits to outsiders especially westerners now evidence of the drone strikes is almost impossible to get but these were smuggled to islamize bought from the tribal areas they're believed to be fragments of actual hellfire missiles retrieved from a war zone most americans never get to see the fragments collected by a local journalist who spent years documenting the civilian toll of drone especially on children disturbing images of the living and the dead for nor its personal. enemies. whenever my three year old daughter hears of playing she runs inside and won't sleep that night the children here have been traumatized by the
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drones the sound of a doorbell and shot is enough to terrify them all. and that fear can turn to anger a new generation radicalized by the war by carrying out drone strikes killing innocent people who are not part of the conflict you're just why did the conflict you're giving the reason to people who were not part of the conflict to become part of the conflict azamgarh us of course this is make me hate the americans we are angry and want revenge they've destroyed our lives my parents my wife my children we all see america as our worst enemy now while promising to rein in their use the white house says drones are both legal and effective this policy. on. us. when translated by defense that's cold comfort for the victims you see captain of
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pakistan well students are america is a lecturer at stanford law school and the co-author of living under drones he's asked pakistanis now see the u.s. as an anime a war. i mean the individuals that we spoke to talk to us of feeling as though they were in a state of war and this is very different from how the u.s. typically describes a drone program in international humanitarian law there are a number of conditions that have to be met before you can claim that we are at war the american population is led to believe that the us is currently ending all of its military engagements or its war its war efforts in afghanistan iraq elsewhere and unfortunately though the people in pakistan certainly don't perceive that to be the case in their country and if we are behaving as though we were at war with pakistan we're at war with with elements in pakistan then we have to is a whole different paradigm from what we're seeing as as the american population i think twice before you tweet is advice from police and media experts in the wake of
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a number of recent arrests in the u.k. for posting a fan of masochism twitter our london correspondent sarah ferguson reports on how british police are playing catch up when it comes to laying down the law and how to counter abusive online comments. we trust our officers with a baton we trust some of the c.i. sprit and yet for some reason we can't trust them with a twitter account in the wake of the recent will it murder a number of arrests were made across the country after police responded to tweets it was the latest clear sign that police are in placing social media in a way they never have before twitter might be new police territory but their actions tread a fine line already some unfamiliar with the legal ramifications of their tweets the felt the full force of the law was one notable example came after a tweet to footballer james mcclean joining in online anger at the footballers decision not to wear
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a remembrance day poppy katie aiden lucky tweeted he deserves to be shot dead alongside a picture of bullets two weeks later and he was arrested by manchester police do you feel like they're lying looking back on their. time i think i ought. to be consequences they katie's cases since being dropped it's easy to see the cyber threats can cause real fear and often is deserving of punishment but other cases have ranged from the confusing to the downright ludicrous and figures obtained by r.t. show a steadily rising number of prosecutions in person under the communications act two thousand and three including phone calls emails and social media posts within the police service and with another public sectors but it really is more about leadership than technology you know the technology needs to change absolutely but
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fundamentally one needs to change is the attitude that leaders have to lourdes social media many see as a huge risk what they feel to recognise is the fantastic opportunities and to really display the great skills great problem solving skill. on the great level seven new guidelines set to be made final by the criminal prosecution service in the coming weeks but with the explosion of social media leaving british little fighting to catch up many in the legal profession a warning that social media uses no need to tread very carefully i mean it is very deeply concerning i think from the legal perspective but i guess it would be interesting to see your advice to people that actually even though if they take the stage some of the thing it seems that when it comes to this they should meet it but it is such a bad thing they say well i'm afraid that twitter simply isn't my thing for me
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there is facebook and your activities. but that's never been full so. the advice to be extremely tough for. sarah. london or u.s. lawmakers threw up and now the hurdle to closing the guantanamo bay prison this week the house armed services committee voted overwhelmingly to make it more difficult for inmates there to be transferred out of the prison that's the spied repeated promises from president obama to close the facility more than one hundred inmates have been a hunger strike for months now in protest of their indefinite detention and many without even being charged the town curl very when guard says that at the very least the u.s. government should be open about its plans for the prison. under the national security whatever he can do that with the secretary of defense he does have that power it's time for this ministration to either put up or to at least tell us
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what's really going to happen the president doesn't have the authority to release from guantanamo bay to include men like soccer aamer back to london on the canal of the united states hunger strike there's no sign that there's anything in the cohesion going on to the hunger strike i mean my client reports that all of his personal possessions are still confiscated toothbrushes so his letters from home his attorney client. privilege to let us continue to keep it between each other it's all been taken and not returned he asked me he said hey what kind of people vote to fund a person that's ninety five percent full of men who haven't been charged with a crime after eleven and a half years have to tell you and you will answer for the mystery to me what kind of person says we don't care if you've done anything you're staying in guantanamo bay or just on the ground here in one town i'm ok there's. no change whatsoever and everybody is sort of waiting for washington to some some leadership. meanwhile the
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number of hunger striking one time no inmates being forced fat has reached forty one that's a quarter of the camp's entire prisoner population the practice has been can down this torture by various international organizations including the u.n. and it's not just the detainees suffering while the prison stays open artie's arabic channel went to yemen to me a family of one of the inmates. there some might argue there's not all that much difference between the physical torture that many prisoners undergo montana mode and the emotional toll and their relatives are forced to deal with at home like the family of rock monash batty a yemeni terror suspects held at the controversial detention center since two thousand and two after his arrest the whole family was accused of links to terrorists only and now we have them america's support for human rights is merely a show it only cares about its own people well it destroys the rights of all others
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who have been suffering for thirteen years now. and yemen president obama's recent promise to lift restrictions off get no detainees specifically from the country was greeted with nothing but sneers. weird start of these nonstop lies a bum remembers about guantanamo only during election campaigns and on holidays he promised to shut it down several times and to forward their cases to their home countries these are all lies. meanwhile back in one town oh itself is the thirty year many prisoners wait for the u.s. president's promises to come true the full month long hunger strike against their indefinite detention continues person is have been demanding for nonmilitary doctors to be allowed to treat them more than forty out of more than one hundred protest is reportedly being force fed something they claim is torture in itself they are close enough to death that the military sees
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a need to port speed them. none of them enjoy being force that i can tell you that and they have described being force fed in such terms of having a knife run down their throat. back in yemen the relatives all say they are going to believe another word from president obama until they see this sons brothers and husbands finally return home. this family's case is merely one of several dozen where people can only suffer and cry helplessly inside their homes but hope dies last. until it sees al haig jim. yemen or an afghan girl was arrested this week a war at least eleven deaths in the country's war doc province it's thought he handed over a locals to a death squad working for u.s. special forces who then tortured and killed the victims a senior u.s. army official has confirmed the alleged torture as did work with the americans and
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separate incidents a british court martial has sentenced to u.k. soldiers who admitted abusing afghan civilians one of them was fine and the other had his rank or do seriously both have been granted anonymity to keep their family safe are to contributor expects the case to have a long lasting effect. this kind of but it will resign around around the world for in any country in amongst any groups of people that think that britain shouldn't be involved in afghanistan at all quoting to some parts of the case and reports of the case some of this abuse because amongst lots of soldiers so they're abusing children in front of groups of soldiers there is these cases they've obviously and withheld the name soldier ex soldier why not just the reprisals against the families of the soldiers people will no doubt be trying to figure out who the soldiers were your sentiments towards the british military will
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be locked in stone and generations of afghans who despise not only the british military but everything britain is. cyberwar is dominated the historic summit between the u.s. and chinese leader later in the program we reported on the wang game between washington and beijing over online ask you know as and why a massive me trade deal has left some with a nasty aftertaste. and the first couple's final say on their marriage president putin explains why he and his wife are splitting after nearly thirty years. new york magistrate judge gary brown has ruled it's ok to track people's will cation via their cell phone the judge supports his decision by saying that there is
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no legitimate expectation of privacy in the perspective of a cellular telephone where the individual has failed to protect his privacy but kicking the simple expedient of powering it off this statement seems to hint that cell phones are some sort of fun luxury and that people are just too lazy to turn off their phones when they want privacy this ignores the fact that there are many people who have to be on call twenty four seven like surgeons and server technicians these people can't just turn off their phones so does that mean that certain professions can't have privacy also this presumption that people have no expectation of privacy what about people who send images of text messages of a sexual nature to each other joy i think that all these people just assume it's all public goods i don't think so the fourth amendment says that people have the right to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects and i'm pretty sure that's cover cell phones too but that's just my opinion.
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welcome back you're watching our team leaders of u.s. and china try wrapping up there is a story today summit on a lighter note but the atmosphere of state overshadowed by the cyber espionage route president obama tried to press his counterpart on the issue saying they should stop funding hackers which beijing vehemently denies doing china in fact said fallen victim to u.s. backed cyber attacks itself geo political analyst william and all things washington is being an aggressor and only in the digital world. the u.s. is probably the number one cyber warfare force on the planet right now and china is
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probably playing a defensive game but i don't i don't think the so i think that's a red herring issue right now it's signed by a well option and by the obama administration to put pressure on china at a time when the u.s. is doing just that with the so-called asia pivot which is really a china pivot that obama announced in australia back in two thousand and eleven to redirect the american military force posture toward japan with a business defense which is greatly against china toward to supporting japan on the the new island dispute in the south china sea which is very critical for china's access to potential mineral dust minerals sources. as well as high tactiles also a story of american straight sector having agreed to meet industry deal that could become beijing's biggest ever takeover of an american company the size of the
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transaction has given some business experts the jitters but other see a massive opportunity on the horizon global strategy analyst george who agrees there is no reason to worry. manning had access to a huge amount of information as did and do thousands of other employees of the united states government he saw that information within that information actions and activity they were illegal and immoral and he thought he should do something about that he was the only one to take action on that he thought that if other people could see what was really going on in iraq and afghanistan something would happen but were involved in iraq the actions were involved in were in effect a illegal and i decided as a matter of conscience i can continue to do that this is a guy who's joined the military to do the right thing and then realize that actually the actions that military are immoral irrational and illegal and he's decided to do something about it and there was a surprise announcement from russia's first couple on thursday president putin and
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his wife are divorced after nearly thirty years of marriage and they are further joined public appearance in more than a year the couple told the russian t.v. why they're calling it a day so much sort of which is in some regions my job and all my activities mean i'm an absolutely public figure some people enjoy this and some don't some people simply incompatible with such a lifestyle my wife has done a nine year shift by my side basically the decision was mutual. news like that of most said it was in fact a mutual decision a marriage is over because we barely see each other his job keeps him completely busy our children have grown up their lives their own lives and. i really don't like being in the spotlight all the constant travelling is difficult for me we simply don't see each other. take a look at some other stories from around the world protesters have stormed
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a militia base which controls security in the libyan city of benghazi at least twenty seven people have been killed it's not clear which side sustained most casualties after demonstrators took on the former rebel fighters which still wield significant power in the area the libyan government remains weak since war khadafi was deposed leaving it relied on in the pan of militias turn for security to. clean up has begun after hundreds of rioters rampaged through a city on the indonesian island of sumatra angry as their candidate lost narrowly in a mayoral election the violence began when protesters were poorly blew up a business in the center of palembang before looting nearby shops two people have been arrested six have been deployed to the area. the. first meeting in two years between officials from north and south korea has taken place in a small town on the border between the two countries although the talks are being
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held to iron out technicalities the important because of recent tension on the peninsula north korea claimed to have successfully tested a nuclear weapon back in two thousand and nine triggering a war of words with the south. africa task server has reportedly been shot dad in front of the iranian embassy in the lebanese capital beirut several other people were wondered as well it's not yet known who was responsible for the shooting that happened as a group demonstrated against involvement in the syrian conflict which is fighting on the side of the government. and coming up after a short break r.t. speaks to david go hard to rector of the cross party think tank about one of the leading issues of the upcoming british elections immigration stay with us.
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arguably america's influence is much larger than that of iran so with power comes responsibility greater responsibility would you agree with that in every negotiation on a round table the parties are equal they may be different in the degree of that but on this issue each side is negotiating with the un trying to reach an agreement.
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as you very. very. rarely. do you. ever ever. you think. you disagree with. it ever. was in. this. group who are giving you the full meaning.
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and you will. be all right. oh. thank. him personally no integrations looking to be an election shaping issue we're joined today by david good heart the director of course party think tank demos and the author of the book the presses stream which talks about pace war multiculturalism national identity and of course immigration ever a controversial topic david thank you very much for joining us today in the book he makes the case liberal immigration less undermining the bonds the whole person to get the county elaborate a bit for us how so why did he write the book now. world is trying to look at. historical economic
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social arguments around immigration sort of see huge controversial fascinating subject only looking at the post-war period. and how it's affected british society or tried to look at it as objective as possible. and look to the success stories and the failure is not only from the point of view people coming here but also from the people who are already here. and we tend not to look at immigration from point of view of how it's affecting the or exist already existing communities of britain as you say yourself very controversial topic why do you think this is such a divisive issue particularly. i don't think it is any more divisive here than it is in any other place so many people overwhelmingly are not in favor at least of large scale immigration throughout history that has been true and it remains true
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even though our society today on the whole much more liberal much more tolerant much less much less racial discrimination that people do not like they have a but you know they have a bias in favor of the familiar people always have and i think always will do. so it's not particularly controversial here at the moment i don't think we're talking about it a lot more remote partly because it has become politically very sensitive. the outcome of the next general election in britain in twenty fifteen could well hang on the number of people that come here when our labor market labor market is fully open to them from remain in bulgaria beginning of next year which political parties if any actually on point with this issue right now i think one of the big stories of british politics in the last generation is that the gap the difference between left and right is narrowed the gap between the whole political class and the ordinary voter has widened and immigration is a sort of emblem of the widening it applies to other. it's too like well for europe
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. and these receipts that labor in particular is rather sensitive on rather exposed on the instincts and intuition to. m.p.'s and activists are often a mile away from from the ordinary folk even the thing conservatives tend to be closer to you vote on these issues the support michael the security identity issues if i could just pick the best exchange what exactly do you mean by that what is the big. bridge dream is the it's about. the road from the idea of the american dream the idea that you can be a success for an open multi-racial society you need to tell yourself stories about . the need to tell yourself stories about how. stories about good immigration about successful. minority people who are you know contributing.


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